Sex crimes conviction erased for Norwalk man
Sex crimes conviction erased for Norwalk man
A judge threw out the sex crimes conviction of a former Cerritos College football player. A jury convicted the man of forcible rape in March 2018. According to prosecutors, the man allegedly raped the woman at his Norwalk apartment in 2016. The woman was also a student at Cerritos College.

The judge in the case tossed the conviction earlier this week because a witness in the case lied. According to the judge, the witness’s lie resulted in an unfair trial for the man. Prosecutors say that they do not intend to refile the charges against the man.

The defendant had previously been arrested while still in high school for sex crimes against six female victims. In 2014, the man pleaded guilty to rape by force, among other charges.

The victim in the Cerritos College case filed suit against both the man and the College. She claimed the College created a dangerous situation by allowing a convicted rapist on campus.

The man says he is now focused on making it to the NFL, a dream he had prior to his conviction. Since his exoneration, the man has spent most of his time training.

Norwalk sex crimes lawyer

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Many defense attorneys don’t want to take cases that involve sex offenses. They don’t want to address the subject matter, or they fear that the jury will be sympathetic to the victim. The facts, however, are that a sex offense conviction can have a significant impact on your life.

Most sex offense convictions require the defendant to register as a sex offender for life. That’s a heavy burden to place on a person. Even after a convicted offender has served his or her sentence, their sentence continues. No other crime is handled like that.

As a registered sex offender, you can expect to have trouble finding work and housing. You can also face special restrictions on your activities, computer usage and even the electronics you use. You can expect regular electronic monitoring, unannounced compliance checks and other infringements on your civil liberties.

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