Sex Crimes Charges Not In The Cards For James Toback
Sex Crimes Charges Not In The Cards For James Toback
Embattled Hollywood director James Toback will not face sex crimes charges. The LA District Attorney’s Office announced last month that the statute of limitations had expired. As such, it could not proceed with criminal charges against him.

The DA’s Office had received multiple criminal sexual misconduct claims against Toback, 73. The five incidents under investigation took place in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. More than 300 women in the entertainment industry have complained of being subject to Toback’s unwanted sexual advances.

Toback was one of several high-profile subjects of an informal campaign to “out” serial offenders in the entertainment industry. The DA’s Office is still considering complaints it received regarding another highly visible Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. The DA’s Office says it is still reviewing the complaints and does not expect to make a decision soon.

An Italian model accuses Weinstein of sexually assaulting her in a hotel room in 2013. The woman was in Los Angeles for the Los Angeles Italia Film Festival. She claims that Weinstein bullied his way into her hotel room and then assaulted her. Nearly 100 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct. Several have publicly accused him of rape. In addition to the Los Angeles investigation, authorities in New York and London are also investigating complaints against Weinstein.

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