Sex Crimes charges for former KNBC reporter
Sex Crimes charges for former KNBC reporter
A former KNBC reporter faces sex crimes charges for allegedly soliciting sexually explicit photos from a minor. Investigators say the man sought photos from the daughter of an acquaintance.

The man, who is a licensed physician, worked with the television station for nearly three decades. He won several Emmys for his medical reporting. He no longer works for the station, but independently produces and writes material. The man is board certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency medicine. He was also previously listed as a full professor at the University of California Los Angeles. Authorities arrested him last month following a two-month investigation. Additionally, they served a search warrant related to the investigation on the man’s Beverly Hills home in October.

According to police, the man contacted the minor using the Internet in August. He faces charges of contact with a minor for sexual purposes. He is free on a $5,000 bond, and could face as much as 18 months in prison if convicted.

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Convictions for sexual offenses – especially those against children – will have lifetime consequences. These could include prison time, lifetime registration as a sex offender and virtually continuous monitoring. Repeat convictions can also result in longer, harsher sentences.
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