Sex crimes charge for swim coach
Sex crimes charge for swim coach
A man employed as a swim coach by the City of Commerce was arrested last month and charged with sex crimes involving a 7-year-old girl. According to police, Steven Matthew Garcia fondled the girl in the employee lounge of a city-owned aquatic center beginning in October and continuing through the time of his arrest.

Garcia was charged with six counts of committing lewd acts upon a child. He pleaded not guilty and was held in lieu of a $600,000 bond. If the case against Garcia proceeds to trial and he is convicted, he could face as much as 14 years in prison.

Commerce sex crimes lawyer

A conviction on sex crimes can be devastating. California’s Three Strikes Law prescribes a series of accelerating penalties for subsequent felony convictions. Avoiding felony convictions is essential to preserving your freedom, and to avoiding additional penalties under state law. Convictions for sex crimes are especially difficult because the consequences of such a conviction continue long after your sentence has been served, and it explains why you need the assistance of an experienced sex crimes lawyer.

Sex crimes convictions most often require you to register as a sex offender – usually for life. Sex offender registration requirements follow you wherever you go, even if you move out of state. Sex offender status can prevent you from finding appropriate housing and employment. That’s a very real concern because studies have shown that convicted sex offenders are much more likely to end up homeless and unemployed than other types of offenders.

Having an experienced attorney fighting for your rights, and the long-term quality of your life is essential. Robert Helfend has practiced criminal defense exclusively for more than 30 years, and takes sex crimes cases. Many criminal defense attorneys won’t take sex crimes cases that involve children, but Mr. Helfend believes that every person deserves the highest quality representation regardless of what they have been accused of.

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