Securities fraud suspect nabbed at New York's JFK airport
Securities fraud suspect nabbed at New York’s JFK airport

A former board member for a health care services firm faces charges of securities fraud following his arrest last month. According to federal investigators, the man conspired with three other individuals to defraud a private investment firm. Central to the scheme was a plan to take a publicly traded New Jersey health care company private. He and other three conspirators persuaded the private investment firm to put up $82 million to partially purchase the company. A group of lenders provided an additional $130 million.

Federal authorities say that the conspirators grossly inflated the value of the company through fraud. One element included the purchase of a number of subsidiary companies. In reality, the subsidiaries did not exist or did not produce their stated incomes. The conspirators transferred money among the fraudulent subsidiaries to give the appearance of operating capital and revenue. As part of the ruse, the conspirators constructed falsified financial documents, including bank statements, customer lists and revenue streams.

The fraud enticed the private investment firm and the lending institutions to overvalue the company at $300 million. The overvaluation was the basis of investments and loans to take the parent company private.

In September 2017, the conspirators either resigned from their positions or were terminated. At that time, regulators detected the fraud. In March 2018, the parent company filed for bankruptcy protection, citing the fraudulent manipulation of the company’s worth. Federal authorities charged another conspirator, the former CEO of the parent company, with securities fraud in May 2018. US federal authorities have declared two of the conspirators to be fugitives.

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