Securities fraud sentencing for Signal Hill executives
Securities fraud sentencing for Signal Hill executives
Three former executives of a phony Signal Hill firm have received federal sentences for securities fraud. The men operated an investment firm in Signal Hill that purported to build an Internet based banking system.

According to prosecutors, the men operated a company called Authotecq. Over a period of nine years, the men sold more than $11M in fraudulent, unregistered securities. The company targeted mostly elderly investors. The company produced no actual work, but the men used investor funds for luxury purchases, fine dining and personal expenses. Prosecutors originally filed the case against multiple defendants in 2012. After receiving a cease-and-desist order, the men continued to sell shares in the company.

One defendant received a sentence of 3 to 30 years in state prison. A second defendant received a sentence of eight years in prison, and the third defendant will serve three years. A fourth defendant in the case died while awaiting sentencing. The Department of Corporations, through the State Attorney General’s Office, prosecuted the case.

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