Securities fraud sentence for Long Beach tax preparer
Securities fraud sentence for Long Beach tax preparer
A Long Beach tax preparer will spend eight years in federal prison for securities fraud. The woman allegedly embezzled nearly $30 million over two decades from clients who believed that she was investing their money.

In addition to her incarceration term, the woman must complete three years of supervised release and pay $27.5M in restitution. Many of the woman’s victims were elderly or were approaching retirement age. When authorities arrested the woman, her clients discovered that their retirement funds were gone. The woman was a certified public accountant, but she was not a licensed broker or dealer. The majority of her investors allowed the woman to manage their retirement portfolios. One victim lost in excess of $12M.

Prosecutors characterized the scam as a classic Ponzi scheme. The woman used some investor funds to make payments to other investors. She told her victims that the payments were returns on their investments. She also used the funds to pay her own expenses and buy real estate. To sustain the fraud, the woman created fake documentation and investment portfolios. In March, in a civil action, the Securities and Exchange Commission also charged the woman with fraud.

Long Beach securities fraud lawyer

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