Securities Fraud Plea Ends Trucking Case
Securities Fraud Plea Ends Trucking Case
Celadon, an Indianapolis-based national trucking firm will pay more than $42M in restitution for itssecurities fraud conviction. In addition, a former president of a Celadon subsidiary has reached a plea agreement. The executive faced charges of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, making false statements and falsifying records.

The executive’s plea agreement does not include a sentence. Instead, the federal judge hearing the case will determine the sentence, which could be as long as 5 years.

The trouble began when the company tried to aggressively grow its fleet from 750 trucks to more than 11,000. Many of the company’s trucks had significant mechanical problems, so drivers did not want to lease the trucks.

According to prosecutors, the company hid massive losses in its leasing subsidiary by altering business records and leasing documents. The company now says that it overstated its 2013-2016 earnings by $250M. As a result, the company also faces civil charges by the SEC of accounting fraud.

Prior to the settlement, the company replaced most of its executive team, including its CEO and Chief Financial Officer. The company has also been selling off assets and subsidiaries, and canceled plans to build a new headquarters. The company’s stock is worth just 8% of its value in 2015.

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