Securities Fraud for Renewable Energy Execs
Securities Fraud for Renewable Energy Execs
The Securities and Exchange Commission announced last month that it was charging several executives of a Southern California renewable energy company with securities fraud. Patrick Carter, President and CEO of 808 Renewable Energy, Peter Kirkbride, 808’s Chief Operating Officer and the company’s sales representatives Thomas Flowers and Martin Kinchloe. Three other subsidiary companies are also named in the SEC’s complaint.

According to the SEC, the men misled investors by claiming that their funds would be used to purchase new equipment for the companies. Instead, the money was funneled through the subsidiary companies, diverted for their own personal use, used to pay sales commissions and to make investment payments owed to other investors. The SEC complaint characterized the arrangement as a Ponzi scheme.

The SEC claims that the men used 808 Renewable Energy Corp., as a front to raise millions in funding from unsuspecting investors. Carter formed the company as early as 2005. In 2010, the State of California Department of Corporations issued a Desist and Refrain order enjoining the company and its subsidiaries from selling its stock in the State of California. In 2009, the company was the subject of a similar action in the State of Texas.

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