Securities fraud drew in Los Angeles investors
Securities fraud drew in Los Angeles investors
Prosecutors in Hartford, CT say that investor losses are approaching $9.5 million in a securities fraud case there. According to prosecutors, a Florida man used a series of shell companies to defraud investors from Los Angeles and other cities around the country.

The defendant, William Lieberman, issued worthless stock in the shell companies. A set of co-conspirators manipulated the price of the worthless stock to defraud thousands of investors. The scheme, which operated for about four years, earned Lieberman more than $1M.

In addition, Lieberman recruited a number of lawyers around the country to build investor confidence in the scheme. The participating attorneys issued statements certifying the strength of the shell companies, and assisted Lieberman in laundering the proceeds of the scam.

In addition to securities fraud charges, Lieberman also pleaded guilty to tax evasion. He faces as much as 14 years in prison, restitution of more than $10M and unpaid taxes of more than $400,000.

Los Angeles securities fraud lawyer

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