Securities Fraud Defendant Avoids Prison Time
Securities Fraud Defendant Avoids Prison Time
Marty Blazer, a former financial advisor and FBI informant avoided prison time following his guilty plea to securities fraud and identity theft charges. Blazer became a central figure in an FBI investigation of college sports programs. Allegedly, multiple college basketball coaches accepted money in exchange for directing players to agents after leaving college sports for the NBA draft.

Ultimately, Blazer’s cooperation led to plea deals with four college coaches, a former executive for sports apparel manufacturer Adidas, a sport management executive and another financial advisor.

Blazer settled a civil complaint against him from the Securities and Exchange Commission for $1.8M. The SEC accused Blazer of taking money from clients and investing it without their permission. In addition, the complaint alleged that he took money from some clients to pay other clients.

Despite the guilty pleas and the SEC settlement, a federal judge in los Angeles sentenced Blazer to one year of probation and $1.5M in restitution. The judge also ordered Blazer to pay a $2.3M fine. He currently has four complaints registered against him and cannot act as a financial advisor.

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