Securities Fraud Complaint Adds up to Los Angeles Arrest
Securities Fraud Complaint Adds up to Los Angeles Arrest
Los Angeles authorities arrested a Dallas man at LAX on a federal securities fraud complaint. The federal complaint also accuses the man of mail fraud and money laundering.

According to federal investigators, the man created several oil and gas companies in Texas over a five-year period. Investigators say the man misrepresented the company’s drilling and exploration rights and oil well income potential. The man collected more than $60 million from investors in the companies.

Federal prosecutors say the man commingled investor funds from each of 16 wells to a few general and operating accounts. They also claim that the man redirected investor funds for his own personal use. According to authorities, during one period, the man received more than $40 million from investors, but returned just $2.4 million. During the same time, the man transferred $12 million for his own personal use. During a different period, he misappropriated another $14 million for personal expenses. Investigators say he spent the money on luxury purchases, including expensive automobiles, home improvements, clothing, art, and chartered flights.

If convicted, he faces up to 35 years in prison and a fine of $750,000.

Los Angeles securities fraud lawyer

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