Securities Fraud Charges for Investment Scheme
Securities Fraud Charges for Investment Scheme
A Montecito man will face federal securities fraud charges for running investment scams and violating a court order. A federal court ordered the man to stop selling securities, following a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation in 2014

The man pleaded not guilty to the charges. The court released him on a $300,000 bond. According to the 21-count indictment, the man operated two investment firms that solicited investments in Facebook and Twitter. In addition, he manufactured a false estate settlement investment.

Investigators say that the man promised investors that he would use the money to purchase shares in the IPOs for Facebook and Twitter. Instead, he used the money to pay for his own personal expenses. Those included his mortgage payments, credit card payments and casino debts. That scam operated between October 2010 and October 2015. Investors lost nearly $5M.

In the second scam, the man persuaded investors to buy shares in an estate worth more than $1B. The man told investors that they would receive their returns when the estate was settled by the probate court. He promised some investors returns of more than 1,000 percent. Investigators say the man fabricated the story of the billion-dollar estate. Investors in that scam lost more than $750,000.

Prosecutors also indicted the man for selling securities in violation of a previous court order. The court had issued an injunction following the investigation of the first scam. He now faces eight contempt of court charges in addition to the investment fraud charges. If found guilty, the man faces a maximum of 20 years in prison on the securities fraud charges. He could face any term on the contempt charges. His trial is scheduled to begin on March 20.

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