Securities Fraud Charges for Ukrainian Men
Securities Fraud Charges for Ukrainian Men
Federal authorities have charged two Ukrainian men with securities fraud for hacking the Securities and Exchange Commission computer network. According to the SEC, the men used the stolen data to make trades.

Both men, from Kiev, face charges of securities fraud, wire fraud, computer fraud and conspiracy. According to investigators, the men stole non-public corporate filings, then made trades over a period of months using the information.

The SEC also filed a civil complaint against the men and 7 other entities, including Hong Kong and Belize corporations. The other defendants hail from Russia and South Korea. Some of the individuals named in the suit were also sued in 2015 for similar activities. The SEC estimates that the men in the current indictment made more than $4 million in profits. The individuals in the 2015 indictment may have collected more than $30 million.

Both men remain at large. If they are tried and convicted, the men could face as much as 20 years in prison. They could also face fines of $250,000 or double the illegally gained profits.

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