Second-Degree Murder Rap For LA MD
Second-Degree Murder Rap For LA MD
A Los Angeles County physician was convicted on three counts of second-degree murder in Los Angeles Superior Court last month. The doctor, Hsiu Ying “Lisa” Tseng, who practiced in Rowland Heights, is the first US physician convicted of second-degree murder for carelessly prescribing medication to three of her patients. Over the course of three years, nine of Tseng’s patients have died of drug overdoses of medications the doctor prescribed.

Second-degree Murder Conviction Carries 15-Life Sentence

Tseng’s second-degree murder trial lasted more than two weeks and featured nearly 80 witnesses. Prosecutors attempted to show that Tseng’s actions amounted to second-degree murder because she knew that her prescribing practices were dangerous to her patients. Prosecutors allege that Tseng wrote prescriptions indiscriminately, even for undercover narcotics agents who posed as patients and told Dr. Tseng that they were addicted to prescription painkillers.

Prosecutors also argued that Tseng made more than $5 million over three years by authorizing an excessive number of prescriptions, and for writing prescriptions for persons who had no medical need for them.

Under California law, any person can be held civilly liable for damages that result from the delivery of illegal controlled substances, but this is the first time the State of California has successfully prosecuted a doctor for second-degree murder for actions the doctor took during the routine performance of her job. If you’ve been charged with murder, you need an exceptional defense. Robert Helfend can help.

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