SD school administrator sentenced for sex crimes
SD school administrator sentenced for sex crimes
A former San Diego school administrator was sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison earlier this month for sex crimes involving children. Kettrell Berry, a former assistant principal at the San Diego Center for Children in Kearny Mesa, was convicted in July on 11 counts of child molestation and having sex with an underage student.

According to prosecutors, the victim was 15 years old at the time of the incidents. Berry was fired in 2012, following an investigation of rumors that he had maintained an inappropriate relationship with the victim. According to the victim, she and Berry engaged in sex on school property.

This is not the first time Berry has been accused of inappropriate behavior involving students. Fifteen years ago, a then-12-year-old girl who had been orphaned, accused Berry of sexual assault, but investigators at that time were not able to find enough evidence to support the accusation. The first victim was allowed to testify at Berry’s July trial in order to help prosecutors establish Berry’s pattern of predatory behavior.

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