Santa Monica Art Dealer Accused of Theft
Santa Monica Art Dealer Accused of Theft
A well-known Santa Monica art dealer has been arrested and accused of grand theft by embezzlement. Perry Rubenstein, who caters to A-list clients, is accused of failing to return the proceeds of art sales on behalf of Michael Ovitz, founder of the Creative Artists Agency and a former president of the Walt Disney Company.
Currently, Rubenstein is being held in lieu of more than $1M in bail in advance of a bail review hearing this week. Rubenstein was retained by Ovitz to sell two paintings in 2013. Ovitz has accused Rubenstein of retaining the proceeds of the sale, which exceeded $1M. Rubenstein has also been accused of retaining the proceeds of the sale of a Takashi Murakami painting owned by another collector. Rubenstein’s gallery filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014.

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