Quadruple Murder Conviction for Northridge Man
Quadruple Murder Conviction for Northridge Man
Ka Pasasouk, 34, of Northridge, was convicted last month on four murder charges related to a quadruple homicide in Northridge in 2012. Pasasouk was accused of shooting four people to death outside of a Northridge boarding house. Pasasouk had an earlier confrontation with one of the victims, and shot three other people in an attempt to eliminate witnesses to the crime. In addition to the quadruple homicide charges, Pasasouk was also convicted of attempted murder, weapons charges, and assault for threatening other people shortly before the confrontation that led to the deaths.

Murder Conviction Follows History of Violence

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Pasasouk, but his defense attorney argued that Pasasouk has had a long history of mental illness and substance abuse. Pasasouk had served time in prison on earlier convictions, and had asked not to be paroled in 2011. Pasasouk was drunk and under the influence of drugs at the time of the assault. He was arrested two days after the incident at a casino in Las Vegas.

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