PUC Tags Uber for DUI Complaints
PUC Tags Uber for DUI Complaints
Investigators from California’s Public Utilities Commission recommended a $1.13 million fine for Uber related to DUI complaints against their drivers.

According to investigators, clients lodged 2,074 impaired driving complaints against Uber drivers over a 1-year period. California requires ride-hailing companies to adopt a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy. PUC investigators say they found no evidence that Uber followed up on the complaints. They cited the company’s dismissal of just 28% of the identified drivers during that time. Investigators are asking the Commissioners to determine that Uber has no effective zero-tolerance policy, as the law requires.

Uber says its policy is to separate with drivers who accumulate three complaints about drunk driving, whether or not the company can validate the complaint. Investigators say the policy does not comply with the zero-tolerance requirement. Additionally, they say that they found evidence of drivers that had accumulated more than three complaints, but still worked for the company.

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