30-year-old pro surfer Jill Hansen is being charged with attempted murder.

30-year-old professional surfer Jill Hansen is being charged with attempted murder following a road rage incident at her home in Waikiki, Honolulu. Hansen, whom is also a self-proclaimed model, had a road range incident with 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin. According to reports, Hansen followed Conklin where she brutally attacked the elderly woman before fleeing the scene.

The road range incident occurred last Wednesday, as Hansen was driving on a busy city street. Hansen and Conklin exchanged words during the incident, at which Hansen followed Conklin to her nearby condo in the Diamond Head neighborhood. When Conklin stopped to get out of her vehicle, Hansen allegedly hit the gas pedal and knocked her over. After driving over her, Hansen was preparing to place her vehicle in reverse for a second run but was stopped when a bystander smashed her back windshield with a crowbar.

According to a report published by the Daily Mail, bystander Chris Khoy saw the altercation take place, saying Hansen fled the scene immediately after he bashed her back windshield with a crowbar. Khoy noted that the only reason why Hansen did not run Conklin over for a second time is because of his quick thinking. Hansen was reportedly driving a Volkswagen sedan at the time of the road-rage-turned-attempted-murder incident.

Upon having her windshield shattered, Hansen fled to the Manoa area where the police later caught up to her, arresting and charging her for the attempted murder of 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin.

Hansen’s neighbors say the pro surfer is “scary behind the wheel,” claiming she holds little-to-no regard for other drives on the road. Conklin suffered only minor cuts and bruises, but police say she’s lucky to be alive. Conklin believes Hansen was trying to kill her and steal her car.

This isn’t the first time the pro surfer has had a run-in with the law. Hansen’s father currently has a restraining order out on her, saying she used Facebook to try and hire hitman to kill him and their family. In addition, Hansen currently has a non-related assault case pending trial. Being that Hansen’s father is still talking, however, it appears as though her attempts to “whack” family members have failed.

Hansen’s bail has been set at $1 million. There’s been no word yet on whether or not she’s sought legal representation for this incident.

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