newyork_manhattan_sunset_587672_hA 24-year-old man was taken into custody after climbing atop New York’s Brooklyn Bridge.

The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, August 24. According to reports, police observed (from the ground) Yaroslav Kolchin climb a support beam to the top of the Brookyln Bridge, where he then proceeded to take photos of the New York City skyline and surrounding East River. Police on scene waited for support to arrive, but by the time it had arrived, Kolchin had already made it to the top of the bridge.

The young amateur photographer continued to pace back and forth while atop the Brooklyn Bridge, snapping photos in all directions.  The New York City Police Department eventually sent a helicopter to coerce the man back down. When the helicopter began to hover around Kolchin, he climbed back down using the same support beam from which he ascended.

NYPD officers were waiting for Kolchin at the base of the support beam, where they placed him in handcuffs and took him into custody without further incident. According to eyewitness reports, Kolchin did not attempt to damage or cause harm to the Brooklyn Bridge. During his short time atop the structure, he simply took photos using his Apple iPhone.

This isn’t the first time the Brooklyn Bridge has experienced a security breach. Earlier this year, two German artists climbed atop the bridge, replacing the two American flags with bleached Old Glory flags. While neither of these incidents resulted in injury nor property damage, they still draw attention to the need for greater security at important landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge.

Residents were shocked to hear of yet another security break at the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Some residents stressed the need for greater security at the Brooklyn Bridge, citing the fact that two parked cars isn’t enough to stop vandals from ascending. “I just noticed the two cars and I was like that doesn’t deter anything,” said Staten Island resident Soloman Olaiya when asked about the incident by CBS’ Don Champion. Other residents

Kolchin faces multiple charges, including trespass and reckless endangerment. It’s unknown at this time whether or not Kolchin has sought legal representation for this incident.

“The man, identified as Yaroslav Kolchin, 24, faces charges including criminal trespass and reckless endangerment for the afternoon stunt that occurred as the iconic bridge linking Brooklyn and Manhattan was packed with tourists,” wrote Reuters.

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