Polanski wants to close the books on sex crimes case
Polanski wants to close the books on sex crimes case
Director Roman Polanski has petitioned a California judge to close the pending sex crimes case against him. The 83-year-old director fled the US in 1977 one day before he was to be sentenced for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl during a photo shoot.

Initially, the director had received a recommendation for probation, but the presiding judge feared the negative publicity that a probation sentence might have drawn. Instead, the judge, who retired in 1989 and died in 1993, requested that corrections officials evaluate Polanski for 90 days at a Chino prison before he was sentenced. Officials concluded the evaluation after just 42 days and Polanski fled the country shortly after.

The judge later said that he intended the prison evaluation to constitute Polanski’s entire time behind bars, and that he assumed – but had no authority to order – that the Immigration and Naturalization Service would deport Polanski following his release. Polanski is requesting that the case against him be closed, and a pending extradition request be dropped. Swiss authorities arrested the director 2009 in Switzerland based on the US extradition request, but later released him and allowed him to return to France.

Polanski previously petitioned the Court to conclude the matter against him, but the Court said that it would not hold a hearing on the request unless Polanski personally attended the hearing.

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Photo Credit: Joe Gratz, via Flickr.com

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