Palmdale Murder Conviction Could Be Vacated
Palmdale Murder Conviction Could Be Vacated
A murder murder conviction from a high-profile case in Palmdale could be overturned based on a request from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Earlier this month, prosecutors asked Superior Court Judge William Ryan to throw out the conviction of Raymond Jennings, an Iraq War veteran, who was convicted of murdering Michelle O’Keefe in 2000.

Prosecutors say that they now believe their confidence in the case against Jennings has been compromised by new evidence that points to other individuals as being responsible for the shooting death of O’Keefe. Jennings was a security guard in the parking lot where O’Keefe was killed, but claimed he was not involved in the murder.

New evidence suggests that at least two known gang members were in the parking lot on the night of the murder, and were in the car with O’Keefe before she was killed. Those gang members, who are known to prosecutors, have committed several violent felonies that were “similar” to the circumstances that led to O’Keefe’s murder.

Last summer, Ryan ordered Jennings released from prison based on a request from prosecutors, but declined to vacate the murder conviction at that time. Jennings was tried twice in Los Angeles for the murder. Both times, the jury was unable to reach a verdict in the case. Prosecutors were unable to present any forensic evidence that conclusively tied Jennings to the murder, instead basing their case on what would later be termed as faulty investigation. Jennings was tried a third time in Antelope Valley in 2009, and was convicted of O’Keefe’s murder. Ryan has not yet ruled on the validity of Jennings’ conviction.

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