Nevada Man Convicted on Los Angeles Child Sex Crimes
Nevada Man Convicted on Los Angeles Child Sex Crimes
A Nevada man was convicted of three Los Angeles child sex crimes, and was sentenced to nearly 5 years in state prison. Police say that martial arts instructor Marc Scott Gitelman, 50, of Las Vegas, NV engaged in a pattern of sexually abusive behavior with female martial arts students who were all minors at the time of the assaults.

Child Sex Crimes Date Back to 2007

Gitelman was a nationally recognized Tae Kwon Do instructor and traveled with his students to competitions throughout Nevada and California. The assaults took place between 2007 and 2014. Gitelman was prosecuted on child sex charges in Los Angeles because some of the assaults took place here.

The victims are suing Gitelman in civil court, and also named several different martial arts governing bodies and the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) as defendants. The USOC, the California Unified Taekwondo Association, and the NV Taekwondo Training and Fitness Center sponsored several of the events Gitelman brought his students to.

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