Murder Trial for Durst Set For September
Murder Trial for Durst Set For September
Robert Durst, the New York real estate heir charged withmurder will face trial in Los Angeles in September. Prosecutors accuse Durst of killing a friend in Los Angeles in 2000. They claim that Durst killed Susan Berman, a friend of Durst’s wife, to prevent her from discussing Kathleen Durst’s disappearance.

Robert Durst has denied any involvement in both his wife’s disappearance and Berman’s death. Kathleen Durst, a medical student in her final year of school disappeared in 1982 under mysterious circumstances. Police in New York have long suspected Durst played a role in his wife’s disappearance. At the time of her disappearance, Durst gave contradictory statements about his wife and their last meeting.

Susan Berman stated that she had helped Robert Durst provide police with an alibi in his wife’s disappearance. Durst had also given Berman $50,000 shortly before her death. Police found Berman shot to death in her home on Christmas Eve 2000. According to durst, Berman told him that the LAPD wanted to interview her regarding Kathleen’s disappearance. Airline records show that Durst flew from San Francisco to New York the day before investigators found Berman’s body.

Following Berman’s murder, Durst fled to Galveston,TX and began posing as a woman to mislead potential investigators. While in Galveston, Durst murdered a neighbor and disposed of his body in Galveston Bay. Following his arrest in Galveston, he fled to Pennsylvania, where authorities arrested him for shoplifting. Authorities extradited him to Texas, where a jury acquitted him of murder charges. He later pleaded guilty to bail-jumping and evidence tampering. He served three years in prison, and an additional three months in jail for a parole violation.

Durst was the subject of an HBO documentary, in which he allegedly confessed to the murders of his wife and Susan Berman.

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