Murder Suspect Arrested, Returned from Mexico
Murder Suspect Arrested, Returned from Mexico
A man suspected of the 2012 murder of his wife faces charges in an Orange County court. Peter Chadwick, a real estate investor, fled the US following the death of his wife, Quee Chadwick. According to police, the couple had been considering a divorce.

Investigators said that the man strangled his wife during an argument. He then dumped her body in a garbage container in San Diego County. Quee Chadwick failed to pick up the couple’s children from school the day she disappeared. Police began looking at Chadwick as a suspect.

After dumping the body, Chadwick traveled to the US-Mexico border, but called police the next day. Police arrested Chadwick and returned him to Orange County. Searchers did not find Mrs. Chadwick’s body for more than a week. By the time police located her remains, they had already charged Chadwick with his wife’s death. Arresting officers noted bruises on Peter Chadwick’s body that were consistent with a violent struggle. They also found blood in the couple’s home that later matched the victim.

An Orange County judge ordered Chadwick released on $1.5M bail. The court also ordered Chadwick to live with his father in Santa Barbara while awaiting trial. In early 2015, Chadwick unexpectedly withdrew millions of dollars from his bank account and fled. The US Marshal’s Office added Chadwick to their 15 Most Wanted List. Chadwick has pleaded not guilty to the murder. He claims that a housepainter kidnapped his wife and killed her.

While in Mexico, Chadwick used a series of aliases and fake IDs to avoid detection. Police in the Mexican city of Puebla moved in and arrested Chadwick August 4. The man lived in a duplex where a large number of former Orange County residents live. US authorities said they received a tip about a week earlier regarding Chadwick’s possible whereabouts. The US Marshal’s Service had made Chadwick the subject of a six-part podcast and solicited information from the public. They also offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to Chadwick’s arrest.

They narrowed Chadwick’s probable location to Mexico last year. Before fleeing the United States, Chadwick attempted to make authorities believe that he had fled to Canada. He remains jailed without bail while awaiting trial in Orange County.

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