Murder Suspect Arrested in Barry Crane Murder
Murder Suspect Arrested in Barry Crane Murder
Police in Rutherford College, NC arrested a murder in a 1985 Los Angeles cold case. The victim, Barry Crane, was a television producer and director. The 57-year-old Crane died after being beaten and strangled by an unknown assailant. A housekeeper found Crane’s body wrapped in bedding in the victim’s garage. Crane, who was a champion bridge player, attended a tournament the night before he died.

Police could not identify any property or missing valuables from Crane’s home, however his car was gone. Investigators found the vehicle near Frazier Park the same day they discovered Crane’s body. They collected fingerprints, cigarette butts and blood samples, along with Crane’s personal property.

The case went cold almost immediately and the police did not develop any suspects in the case. Last year, a fingerprint specialist informed the LAPD investigators that she could analyze the fingerprints they’d recovered from the car in 1985. One of the prints matched a man whom police in Utah arrested in 1997 for domestic violence. Investigators obtained a search warrant for a social media site and a cell phone carrier. Using the search warrant, they located the man in Rutherford College, NC.

At the time, the man worked in a local auto repair shop. Police there observed the man discarding a disposable coffee cup, and several cigarette butts. They collected the evidence and extracted the suspect’s DNA. The DNA on the freshly discarded cigarette butts matched the DNA from cigarette butts retrieved from Crane’s car.

Last week, police in Los Angeles charged the man with Crane’s murder. Hiatt professed to have no recollection of the victim, but said he remembered the name after a reporter asked. The suspect also said he did not recall killing Crane, but acknowledged his heavy drug use in 1985. Los Angeles authorities are seeking to extradite the suspect to Los Angeles for trial.

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