Murder Suspect Acquitted in South LA shooting
Murder Suspect Acquitted in South LA shooting
A jury found an 18-year-old Palos Verdes Estates high school student not guilty of murder earlier this month. The jury also found him not guilty of two counts of attempted murder. Police accused Cameron Terrell of driving the getaway car during a gang shooting in 2017. According to prosecutors, Terrell drove two other teens to a location to confront rival gang members. Following the shooting, the juveniles returned to Terrell’s Mercedes Benz and escaped.

Terrell’s attorney argued that he did not know his companions had weapons. Instead, he said that Terrell thought the juveniles wanted to “tag” the rival gang’s territory. A judge set Terrell’s bail at $5 million. His parents posted the bond and officials released him. Terrell, who was a high school senior at the time of the incident, finished his diploma elsewhere.

His attorney said that the evidence showed that Terrell did not have any weapons. He did not participate in the crime and did not know of or help plan the shooting. The case drew significant media attention because of Terrell’s affluent family background. Terrell says that with the case behind him, he will attend college in the fall and plans to study law.

The case against the juveniles accused of conducting the shooting remains sealed. Terrell was tried as an adult.

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