Murder Sentence in 30-year-old Pasadena Case
Murder Sentence in 30-year-old Pasadena Case
A Los Angeles man will spend 32 years to life in prison for a 1988 Pasadena murder. A jury convicted him in 2017 for the shooting death of a jewelry salesman. The shooting took place in February 1988.

The man shot the victim as he sold jewelry from his van, which was parked at a Pasadena gas station. Following the shooting, the suspect fled. He discarded his clothing and the weapon used in the attack. Investigators recovered both, however, following the confrontation. Eyewitnesses provided a description of the suspect. Police arrested the suspect at the time of the incident, but the case languished for lack of evidence. Advances in forensic technology allowed Pasadena police to re-open the investigation in 2013.

Among the preserved evidence, police found items suitable for contemporary forensic analysis. Investigators tested the suspect’s clothing recovered in 1988 and determined that the blood on them belonged to the victim. Police re-arrested the suspect in 2015 and prosecutors charged him with first-degree murder. According to investigators, the suspect and the victim knew each other and had conducted business prior to the shooting. Police say the motive for the shooting appeared to be robbery.

The defendant will return to court in November for a restitution hearing.

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