Murder rates in LA among risers
Murder rates in LA among risers
According to major crimes data released last week, Los Angeles is among the US cities currently experiencing a sharp rise in murder rates. FBI figures for 2015 show that homicides rose significantly in Chicago, Dallas, Jacksonville, Fla., Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Memphis, leaving experts to theorize about why that may have happened.

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The rise in homicide rates in major cities isn’t universal; New York City murders declined by 25% in 2015. FBI Director James Comey attributed the rise in homicides to heroin, gang violence and less aggressive policing. According to Comey, cities are seeing the results of what he termed “the Ferguson Effect,” a reference to citizen backlashes to a videotaped police shooting in Ferguson, MO.

Criminologists studying the figures were quick to disagree, though they did not have a ready explanation for the increase in homicides. They pointed out that the rising trend in homicides was noted prior to the highly publicized police shootings in Ferguson, Baltimore and Chicago, among other places.

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