Murder For Hire Charge for Bellflower Woman
Murder For Hire Charge for Bellflower Woman
A Bellflower woman faces federal murder for hire charges. According to federal prosecutors, the woman conspired with an FBI informant to hire someone to kill her boyfriend. Allegedly, the woman planned to split the proceeds of the man’s life insurance policy with the would-be killer.

Police arrested the woman in December and charged her with the use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder for hire.

Prosecutors say that the woman told the informant that she would pay him $50,000 – one-third of the value of the victim’s life insurance policy. The woman told the informant that she initially planned to kill the man herself. She changed her mind because she feared being connected to the man’s death.

The woman met with the informant in early December. During that meeting, she indicated that she thought the victim planned to remove her from the life insurance policy. Further, she said he planned to eliminate her access to his bank accounts. As a result, she told the informant she wanted the man killed immediately.

She also showed the informant a smartphone application that could track the victim’s cell phone. The informant later contacted the woman to ask where the victim was at that time. The woman shared the man’s location, and confirmed that the informant would be paid to carry out the killing. The FBI informed the victim of the plot and arrested the woman at that time.

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