Murder of East Los Angeles Brothers Nets Conviction
Murder of East Los Angeles Brothers Nets Conviction
A Bell Gardens man faces a life sentence after a jury found him guilty of murder. According to prosecutors, the man shot two brothers in November 2015 in Salazar Park in East Los Angeles. Police believe the shootings may be gang-related, but the prosecutor did not pursue a special allegation for this case. The suspect also faced special allegations of multiple murder, and murder using a handgun.

The brothers, 33-year-old Antonio Aguilar and 28-year-old Juan Valenti Aguilar, encountered the suspect and two other individuals in the park. While the men talked to each other, the suspect produced a gun and shot the two brothers. Witnesses said that the men’s conversation appeared to be casual prior to the shooting. Police believe that the suspect targeted the brothers.

The suspect and his acquaintances fled the scene in separate cars. First responders pronounced Antonio Aguilar dead at the scene, and his brother died at the hospital a short time later. Prosecutors charged the suspect in April 2016, following a several-month police investigation. He will return to court for sentencing on November 22. The 24-year-old suspect has an earlier conviction for weapons offenses.

Bell Gardens murder attorney

Murder is the most serious charge you can face in any courtroom. In California, prosecutors use special allegations to seek longer or more severe sentences. They can seek longer sentences for certain conditions, like multiple murders or using particular weapons. They can also seek the death penalty for multiple murder. When you face murder charges in California, hire an experienced murder attorney like Robert Helfend.

Mr. Helfend has nearly 35 years of courtroom criminal defense experience. He has a reputation as an aggressive defender of his clients’ rights. His first priority will be to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. This is especially important in homicide cases. Eliminating special allegations can remove the death penalty from consideration.

Reducing the severity of the charges is also key to a successful defense strategy. You will receive “strikes” for repeat felony convictions. A third strike for a violent felony opens the door to lifetime incarceration, thanks to the state’s Three Strikes Law.

Don’t risk your freedom on an inexperienced attorney, or one who is not prepared to fight for your freedom. Contact Robert Helfend or call toll-free at (800) 834-6434, (310) 456-3317, (818) 591-2809 or (805) 273-5611 for an immediate consultation on your Los Angeles County murder case.

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