Murder conviction overturned
Murder conviction overturned
The 23-year-old murder conviction of a San Bernardino man was vacated by the California Supreme Court after the Court reconsidered the impact of “false evidence.” William Richards had been convicted of the 1993 murder of his wife, Pamela, in 1997 after having been tried twice for the crime. The juries in the first two trials were unable to reach a verdict. The third trial featured testimony from a forensic bite mark expert, who admitted to the California Supreme Court in 2012 that his 1997 testimony was mistaken.

The Supreme Court upheld Richards’ conviction at that time, saying that the balance of the evidence pointed to Richards as the killer. The San Diego-based California Innocence Project convinced the California Supreme Court to reconsider their ruling on Williams’ case in light of the state’s new legal definition of “false evidence,” which now includes discredited forensic testimony. Once the Court considered the discredited forensic testimony, it concluded that Williams’ conviction must be overturned.

Murder attorney with 30 years of experience

Without a doubt, murder is the most serious charge the State can level against you, and the stakes are higher for a murder charge than any other crime. A conviction on murder charges in California could lead to lifetime imprisonment with or without parole, or it could lead to the ultimate penalty – death.

The charges you face are serious, and emotions run very high in the courtroom. Understandably, the prosecutor and the victim’s family want justice, but the evidence doesn’t always support the prosecutor’s case. Pick up any newspaper and you’re likely to find a story about someone who was wrongfully convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. They spend years fighting the system for their freedom, and the odds of winning an appeal or getting a verdict overturned are almost zero. Your best opportunity to defend yourself is during the trial itself.

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Don’t risk your freedom or your rights with an inexperienced criminal defense attorney, and do not attempt to defend yourself when the stakes are this high. Go with the experience of a proven fighter.

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