Murder Conviction for Redondo Beach Cold Case
Murder Conviction for Redondo Beach Cold Case
A Gardena man will return to court in March to hear his sentence for a 1995 murder. Police say that Elliot Kimo Laanui shot and killed Ted Emery in a parking lot in Redondo Beach. The victim and his wife were grocery shopping at the time of his murder.

According to police, the suspect approached the victim and shot him without saying a word. He then took a money clip holding $33 and fled. Retired police officers who volunteer their time to work on cold cases revisited the case file in 2011. Using DNA evidence collected from the scene in 1995, officers connected Laanui to the murder.

Laanui was arrested in 2011, and following questioning, made self-incriminating statements regarding the slaying. In addition, Laanui believed that a jailhouse inmate had “snitched” on him regarding the murder. He offered to pay two cellmates to locate a hitman to kill the inmate he believed had betrayed him.Prosecutors were not satisfied with the evidence, so they released Laanui. By 2017, prosecutors were ready to pursue Laanui based on more complete evidence. Coincidentally, Gardena police arrested Laanui following an argument in which he shot an acquaintance.

Police forwarded the Redondo Beach evidence evidence to prosecutors working on the Gardena case. They agreed to present the Redondo Beach information to the judge. The judge in the Gardena case agreed that there was sufficient evidence to proceed to a murder trial.

In late September, a Torrance jury heard the Gardena shooting and the Redondo Beach murder cases. They found Laanui guilty on all counts. Initially, Laanui was scheduled to be sentenced December 11, but the court postponed the sentencing. When he returns to court in March, he will face a sentence of 33 years, plus 25-years-to-life on all charges.

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