Murder Charges for Two Los Angeles Gang Members
Murder Charges for Two Los Angeles Gang Members
Los Angeles prosecutors charged two known gang members with murder following a series of random attacks in the Whittier and La Mirada areas. Police say that they arrested the pair after a separate shooting at a local motel.

Police began receiving reports of a carjacking, and seemingly random shootings in Pico Rivera and neighboring areas. The pair, both recent parolees, allegedly shot Jose Sahagun, a married father of two, while he waited in his car at a traffic light. In addition, they allegedly wounded two other people.

Following an unrelated altercation at a Whittier motel, police discovered that the couple had been shot. During that investigation, the police connected the couple to the random shootings in the area.

Prosecutors charged the couple with one count of murder and fourteen counts of attempted murder, as well as a host of other charges. They are currently being held on a $16 million bond.

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