Murder charges added in teen crash deaths
Murder charges added in teen crash deaths
A Corona man facesmurder charges in the apparent road rage deaths of three teenage boys. The man allegedly rammed a Prius the teens were riding in south of Los Angeles last month. Following contact, the car skidded off the highway and into a tree.

First responders pronounced one teen dead at the scene. Two other teens died later at the hospital. Three additional survivors suffered serious injuries. The driver who struck the teens’ car initially fled the scene.

Witnesses to the fatal collision helped police track down the driver. Police arrested the man less than a mile from the fatal collision, noting that his car had front-end damage to it. Police also say that they believe the man specifically targeted the teens, and that the teens knew the man was pursuing them.

The driver remains in custody without bail. He faces three charges of murder and multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon. He also faces domestic violence and child abuse charges in an unrelated case.

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