Murder Charge for Wife of Former LA Clippers Player
Murder Charge for Wife of Former LA Clippers Player
Authorities in Riverside have arrested the ex-wife of former LA Clippers’ forward Lorenzen Wright with his murder. Authorities in Memphis, TN recently issued a fugitive warrant for Sherra Wright. Earlier this month, they also charged a landscaper who attended Wright’s church with first degree homicide in the case.

Memphis police say that they found Lorenzen Wright’s body on July 28, 2010, nearly a week after his mother reported him missing. The case remained open and under investigation for seven years. An autopsy showed that Wright sustained gunshot wounds to the head, chest and right arm.

Sherra Wright told police she saw her ex-husband leave her house with money and drugs on July 18, 2010. She made the statements in an affidavit nine days after she last saw him alive. Wright’s mother reported her son missing on July 22, 2010. Police found Lorenzen Wright’s decomposing body in a field in Memphis on July 28, 2010.

Police have not detailed the relationship between Sherra Wright and the landscaper, except to say that they are confident the pair know each other. Sherra Wright received a $1 million life insurance settlement following Lorenzen Wright’s death. Lorenzen Wright intended the money for his children’s benefit, but Wright’s family questioned how Sherra Wright spent the money.

Memphis authorities are seeking to extradite Wright back to Tennessee to face charges in Lorenzen Wright’s death. Although the case remained unsolved for more than seven years, recent developments led to Wright’s arrest. Police said they located the murder weapon last month in Mississippi. They also said that finding the weapon was key to their case against Wright.

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