Murder Charge Hits Hollywood Producer
Murder Charge Hits Hollywood Producer
A Studio City woman faces murder charges in the death of her sister three years ago. In addition, the woman also faces three animal cruelty counts.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office filed murder charges in March against Jill Blackstone, who now lives in Baltimore. She will not fight extradition back to California. Investigators say that Blackstone drugged her sister, who was deaf, and placed her three dogs in a Studio City garage, before setting it on fire. Authorities say that Blackstone attempted to disguise the scene as an accident. Investigators indicated that Blackstone was stressed by the financial responsibilities of taking care of her sister.

The coroner determined that Wendy Blackstone died from a combination of smoke inhalation and Xanax. Her attorney indicated that Wendy Blackstone had died in the garage following an uncontrolled fire in a barbeque grill. Authorities arrested Blackstone in 2015, but released her when prosecutor asked for additional evidence.

Blackstone’s lawyer vigorously denied the charges against his client and said that she looks forward to defending herself against the allegations.

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When you face murder charges, hire an experienced murder lawyer like Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend has more than 30 years of experience in criminal courtroom defense.
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