Murder Charge For Whittier Man
Murder Charge For Whittier Man
The Los Angeles County District Attorney charged a Whittier man with first-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend. According to police, the man struck his girlfriend with a wrench, killing her. He then wrapped the woman’s body in plastic and left in in the back seat of his car.

The victim’s co-workers became concerned when she stopped showing up for work. They requested that the Sheriff perform a welfare check on her. Deputies spoke with a relative who was babysitting the victim’s child. The relative reported that the woman had left several days earlier and had not returned.

Sheriff’s deputies then discovered the woman’s body in the car, which was parked outside the couple’s home. Police said that the woman died on December 30. Authorities found her body on January 5.

The coroner said that the victim died from multiple blunt-force traumatic injuries to her head. The couple lived together and had one child. The child is now staying with relatives.

If convicted, the man faces 26 years to life in prison. He remains jailed on a $2M bond. He will return to court on February 25, 2019 for matters related to his case.

Whittier murder attorney

California law provides the death penalty option for first degree homicide convictions. That means your life is literally at stake when you face homicide charges. Although the state has not executed a prisoner in more than a decade, people can still receive a death sentence. Today, nearly 750 Californians live on death row, and that number continues to rise.

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