Murder charge awaits Long Beach man
Murder charge awaits Long Beach man
A man accused of killing a woman at a Long Beach gas station will face murder charges next week. Prosecutors will seek one count each of murder, vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, hit-and-run driving resulting in injury to another person and assault with a deadly weapon. A second person faces felony assault charges in the case.

According to police, the victim traveled with the defendants to a gas station, where the group argued. The victim and the second defendant got into a physical altercation, and the victim was thrown to the ground. The driver struck the woman with his truck, and the two defendants fled the scene.

Police found the victim at the scene with severe injuries to her upper torso. She died about a week later from her injuries. Police arrested both defendants. The woman posted bail and will return to court early next month. The man remains in custody. Police determined that a fourth passenger in the car at the time was not involved. That person has not been arrested.

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