California Highway Patrol investigators say that they have arrested more than 50 people in Los Angeles County in connection with three different motorcycle theft rings.  CHP officials say that members of the rings were also responsible for other serious crimes including robbery, larceny, burglary, fraud and identity theft.

More than one-quarter of those arrested resided in Long Beach, and were involved in a larger, organized residential and commercial burglary operation there.  According to Long Beach Police, those arrested were all known to the police from prior criminal activity, and were supporting heroin and methamphetamine habits.

CHP officials say that the taskforce recovered 110 stolen motorcycles and a large cache of motorcycle parts. In all, the recovered bikes were worth more than $1 million.  Authorities say that the bikes were stolen for parts, and that the thieves used social media sites like E-Bay and Craigslist to find buyers. According to police, the group sold to buyers across the United States and abroad.  Yamaha and Suzuki cycles were a common target of the thieves because the parts from these bikes were very easy to sell.

About one-fourth of the state’s vehicle thefts took place in Los Angeles County in 2013, so curbing the number of thefts here has become a high priority. In addition to facing charges related to the stolen motorcycles, authorities will file charges against individuals in connection with the residential and commercial burglaries, identity theft and fraud.

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