Med MJ Still Among LA Drug Crimes
Med MJ Still Among LA Drug Crimes
The Los Angeles County Board of Commissioners voted last week to extend the ban on growing medical marijuana in unincorporated areas of the county by one month. Commissioners declined to extend the ban by 10 months, which also had been on the table. The issue of classifying marijuana use among other drug crimes, may be rendered moot in November, when voters are expected to determine whether recreational marijuana use will be permitted in the state.

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No matter what a city or municipality says or does, the fact remains that medical marijuana is legal in the State of California. Licensed medical marijuana patients have the right to buy, possess and use medical marijuana. Voters may extend legal marijuana use to recreational users later this year, but as of right now, only medical marijuana use is legal.

Cities and other municipalities go out of their way to try to legislate medical marijuana out of their borders, but they’re simply infringing upon your right to use a drug that is permitted under California state law.

If you’ve been arrested for drug crimes involving medical marijuana, you need the assistance of a competent criminal defense attorney like Robert Helfend. You shouldn’t have to fight for a right that has been granted under the law, but even today, sometimes it is necessary, especially when local authorities refuse to recognize the rights of their citizens.

Mr. Helfend has fought for his clients’ rights in court for more than 30 years. Drug crimes often go beyond simple possession and can result in prison sentences, fines and a permanent criminal record will follow you for the rest of your life. Don’t let a conviction on drug crimes involving medical marijuana jeopardize your freedom.

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