Maywood Sex Crimes Suspect Arrested in Fresno
Maywood Sex Crimes Suspect Arrested in Fresno
A man suspected of committing several sexual assaults in October and November was arrested in Fresno last week. Salvador Martinez, 28, of Maywood, is accused of a string of sex crimes, including a successful rape attempt and a series of breakins targeting women and girls in the Maywood area.

Police identified Martinez as a suspect in the attacks after a man broke into an apartment and sexually assaulted a woman there. In at least four other cases, the suspect entered homes and apartments through unlocked windows and groped or attempted to sexually assault female residents. In most reported cases, the occupants of the homes resisted the attacks and were able to chase the suspect away. Two of the attacks occurred on the same night.

Police in Los Angeles identified Martinez publicly as a suspect in the attacks on November 17 although they did not have him in custody. Assisted by the US Marshal’s Service and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Major Crimes Bureau, police in Fresno located Martinez on November 18. They arrested him and transported him back to Los Angeles County. Martinez is being held on a $1M bond.

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