Marijuana Delivery App Squashed
Marijuana Delivery App Squashed
Los Angeles city officials are celebrating an Appeals Court victory that upholds the preliminary injunction against a smartphone app designed to support medical marijuana delivery in the city. City attorneys won the injunction against Nestdrop in late 2014.

Marijuana delivery violates city ordinance

City officials sought the injunction to stop the medical marijuana delivery service, saying that it violates the intent of Proposal D. The injunction prohibits the operators of Nestdrop from making marijuana delivery arrangements within in the city limits of Los Angeles. The court also directed the owners of Nestdrop to modify the application to prevent deliveries inside Los Angeles.

Since 2013, more than 700 marijuana-related businesses have closed in Los Angeles, and the city has filed nearly 375 legal actions against more than 1,400 defendants. This raises the real concern that licensed medical marijuana patients cannot receive the benefits granted to them by the voters of the State of California.

Cities are wrestling with a wide range of medical marijuana challenges, including the issue of cultivation, the legal operation of dispensaries, possession and medical marijuana delivery. Medical marijuana users still face a variety of criminal prosecution risks for attempting to exercise their legal rights to use and possess marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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