serial-arson-01Weed police have arrested a man on suspicion of starting the devastating Boles Fire, which destroyed more than 100 residential homes along with some commercial buildings and properties , over the weekend.

According to Weed Police Sgt. Justin Mayberry, 24-year-old Ronald Beau Marshall was arrested Saturday morning and charged with suspicion of arson to inhabited structures, property and forest land. Sgt. Mayberry notes that Marshall has been a person of interest since the initial stages of the investigation. After interviewing dozens of witnesses and acquaintances of Marshall’s, they were able to locate his home address, at which point police officers served a warrant to bring the suspect into custody.

He was a person of interest from the first night. There’s a lot of time that’s taken up just interviewing people,” said Mayberry. “It’s good for the people to see that we are working and not just feeding them a line. Their waiting has not been in vain.”

Weed police investigators presented the arson case to the Siskiyou County District Attorney’s Office last week. After reviewing the case, the DA prompted the judge the issue a warrant for Marshall’s arrest. This gave police officers the green light necessary to take Marshall into custody. Marshall reportedly cooperated with police while he was being arrested.

Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus issued a statement soon after Marshall was taken into custody, noting the hard work that goes into arson crimes such as this.

“It involved fire-origin science and detailed work to uncover all of the circumstances and evidence. Rarely are arson-related events completely straightforward,” said Andrus.

Neither the Weed police nor the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection have released details regarding the Boles Fire. However, a spokesperson for Cal Fire said the investigation is still “on going,” and that investigators are still in the process of interviewing potential witnesses and performing followups on leads. Media reports suggest that investigation into the Boles Fire was bogged down by multiple agencies attempting to investigate it. Cal Fire also posted a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the Boles Fire, which led to hundreds of tips flooding into the department’s tip line. Cal Fire investigators are still checking up on these tips.

Siskiyou County Jail records show Marshall is currently in jail. He has not posted his $250,000 bond as of writing this.

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