Los Angeles Man Gets Prison For Foreclosure Fraud
Los Angeles Man Gets Prison For Foreclosure Fraud
A Los Angeles man was convicted last week of conspiracy to commit fraud and eight counts of mail fraud for his role in a Central and Southern California foreclosure rescue scam.

According to investigators, employees of Star Reliable Mortgage Co., promised to eliminate troubled mortgages for homeowners facing foreclosure. The conspirators operated a classic “advance fee” scam.” In it, the conspirators told homeowners that they could eliminate their mortgages by paying fees of as much as $4,500 up-front in addition to monthly fees. In exchange, Star Reliable Mortgage would pay off the troubled loan.

Instead, the conspirators transferred the fees to their own personal accounts. In addition, they filed false trust documents with several county clerks’ offices. According to investigators, the scam may have netted as much as $875,000 in proceeds. At the same time, the affected banks may have lost as much as $4M and most homeowners lost their homes.

Two other conspirators pleaded guilty in the scam. The Los Angeles man will be sentenced in April. He could receive as many as 30 years in prison and a $1M fine.

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