Los Angeles Judge Sentences Woman for Embezzlement
Los Angeles Judge Sentences Woman for Embezzlement
A federal judge in Los Angeles sentenced a Riverside woman to one year in prison for embezzlement. The woman served as the general manager at Pacific Forge and took more than $1.5 million from her employer. The judge could have sentenced her to 20 years in prison. She pleaded guilty last September to one count of mail fraud related to the case.

According to prosecutors, the woman served as the company’s accountant, and had signing authority for the company’s checks. Over a period of a decade, the woman used the Fontana company’s checkbook to pay her personal expenses. The woman was authorized to write checks for less than $5,000. She used false accounting entries to make it appear as though the checks were mailed to vendors.

The former employee pleaded guilty to a single charge of writing a check to pay her personal American Express bill. Company records show, however, that she wrote more than 300 fraudulent checks. The woman admitted to using company funds to pay her mortgage, personal income tax payments, vehicle repair bills and other expenses. As part of the sentence, she forfeited $160,000 that she had used to pay a mortgage on her Riverside home.

Los Angeles Embezzlement Attorney

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Embezzlement often takes place over a long period of time. When the theft is not readily detected, the amount of the embezzlement can grow significantly. It’s a serious crime, but in most cases, the victims prefer restitution over punishment. Judges know that most defendants need the opportunity to work in order to make restitution payments. A good defense attorney can use this to seek a shorter jail term.

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