Local Man Charged With Rape in Valencia
Local Man Charged With Rape in Valencia
A Los Angeles man was charged with kidnapping to commit rape, forcible rape and two counts of sexual penetration by foreign object, after being arrested last week in connection with a sexual assault that took place in the parking lot of a restaurant. If convicted on the charges, the suspect faces a maximum possible sentence of 75 years to life in prison. He is currently being held in the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles on a bail of $4 million.

Rape suspect identified by cell phone call

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says that Etienne Juarez Rosas, 24, was arrested after a security guard at a nearby hotel noticed that Rosas was peering into hotel room windows. The security guard approached the man and engaged him in conversation. While the men were talking, the suspect’s phone rang, and the security guard memorized the number of the inbound call. Deputies investigating the sexual assault learned that the number belonged to Azul Tequila, a restaurant where the suspect worked.

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