LAX Murder Defendant Sentenced for Third Time
LAX Murder Defendant Sentenced for Third Time
A man found guilty of the murder of a LAX restaurant manager will spend his life in prison. Torrance Superior Court Judge Edmund Clarke, Jr., handed Henry Earl Duncan another life sentence last month.

Prosecutors accused Duncan of murdering a LAX restaurant manager in 1984 during a robbery. Duncan worked at the restaurant at the time of the homicide. A jury convicted Duncan of the crime in 1986 and a special circumstance allegation. That jury sentenced him to death. In 2008, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the special allegation that Duncan intended to kill the victim. That special allegation had allowed prosecutors to seek the death penalty in the case.

A second jury considered the special allegation and again found it to be true. This time, Duncan received a life sentence for the crime. Upon appeal, a three-judge panel found that Duncan’s attorney did not introduce evidence favorable to Duncan. They vacated his conviction and ordered a new trial.

His most recent trial, earlier this year, produced the same result. The jury again convicted Duncan of murder and found the special allegation to be true. DNA evidence from the crime scene indicated that more than one person participated in the robbery. Tests showed that blood evidence from the crime scene matched neither the victim nor Duncan. Instead, investigators relied on bloody shoeprints from Duncan’s shoes to place him at the scene. They also found Duncan’s bloody handprints at the scene and the cashbox key from the restaurant in Duncan’s car.

Duncan doesn’t deny that he participated the robbery. He insists that he did not kill the manager, a mother of 20-month old twins at the time of her death. Following his sentencing, Department of Corrections officials returned him to Wasco State Prison to complete his life sentence.

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