Large Drug Trafficking Seizure In Glendale
Large Drug Trafficking Seizure In Glendale
Mardik Baghomian, 55, of Glendale, was arrested at his home last week and was charged with drug trafficking, after authorities seized nearly 14 pounds of opium, heroin and methamphetamine, along with scales, packaging materials and other items related to large-scale drug distribution. He is currently being held without bond, while Glendale police continue to investigate his alleged drug distribution activities.

Suspect has previous drug trafficking convictions

Baghomian has a history of drug trafficking convictions in Los Angeles County dating back to 2001.Glendale police arrested Baghomian in 2014 after he was found in possession of nearly 14 pounds of opium. While he was free on bond in that matter, Glendale police continued to receive complaints from neighbors regarding suspected Baghomian’s suspected drug dealing operation.

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